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 About Us 

Imposub Solutions, is a company with a team of electronic engineers.


With over 50 + years of experience,  Imposub Solutions is providing effective,  economic and technical solutions to the Indian Textile Industry in the field of Spinning (Natural & filament), Technical Textiles, Fibers (Natural and Filament)


With the help of technical advise of Imposub Solutions companies in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand have benefitted a lot in reducing their wastage, improving their quality & reducing man power.


Besides sales, Imposub Solutions is also servicing the instruments sold by them.


Imposub Solutions, Vadodara is representing the following companies exclusively for India for Sales & Service


Thermetrics, USA

Manufacturing hot guarded plate, Thermal Manikins, Sweating hot plate, Thermal Protector, Drying rate tester


Tomsic Srl, Italy

manufacturing Evenness tester for spun yarns, filament yarns & Strength tester for filament yarn, spun yarn  


Testrite Ltd., U.K.

Manufacturing Shrinkage testers


ASI, Taiwan

Manufacturing Spinnerette inspection systems


WIRA Instrumentation - U.K.

manufacturing  wool testing instruments & Fineness  meter,  Fiber   Diagram Machine, Fiber Length Tester, Steaming Cylinder for fabric, Fiber Blend Analyzer, Microtome


Hornik Fiber Tech, Switzerland

manufacturing wool testing instruments for measurement of Wool Diameter and Length


Bharat Machines, Ludhiana, India

Manufacturing Knitting machines for laboratory for POY, FDY, DTY and Cotton yarn


Thymas is non exclusively representing :


Roaches - U.K.

Manufacturing Martindale, Bean bag snag tester, laundrometer, zip tester, Tensile strength tester, Pilling tester, Water Repellency tester


Imposub Solutions maintains spare parts and has factory trained engineers to provide efficient service back up

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