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Sales and services for Textile testing instruments

Choosing the right model of instruments based on requirements

Commissioning & operational training of textile testing instruments
Providing warranty & support service for textile testing instruments during warranty period
Annual maintenance contract for instruments after vendor warranty


 Instruments for testing Cotton/Natural Fibers 

  • Evenness tester for Yarn Roving Sliver for Spun Yarn

  • Single yarn tensile strength tester for Cotton Yarn / Woolen Yarn / Spun Yarn

  • Nep Analyzer

  • Laboratory socks Knitting Machine 

 Instruments for testing POY/DTY/FDY/Fiber 
  • Evenness tester for Filament yarn

  • Single yarn strength tester for Filament yarn

  • Spinneret inspection system for Fiber, POY, Non wovens

  • Shrinkage Tester (hot air) 

  • Laboratory socks knitting machine 

 Instruments for testing Wool 
  • Wool Diameter analyzer

  • Wool Fiber Length & Diameter measuring instrument

  • Wool Fiber Fineness tester

  • Wool Fiber Diagram Machine

  • Rapid Oil Extraction Apparatus

  • Wool Fiber micronaire tester

 Instruments for testing Carpet 
  • Hexapod

  • Dynamic loading tester

  • Static loading tester

  • Wear & Abrasion tester

  • Thickness tester

  • Vetterman drum tester

  • Roller chair tester

 Instruments for Thermal/Specialised Testing 
  • Stored Energy Test Device Thermal Protective Performance  Test Device

  • Radiant Protective Performance Test Device

  • Conductive and Compressive Heat Resistance Testing device

  • Flash Fire Cylinder          

  • Thermal head – Hand – foot        

  • Manikin : Thermal and Fiame test

  • Sweating hot guarded plate

  • Drying Rate tester

  • Copper Slug Calorimeter Sensor

  • Tog Tester

 Instruments for Fabric Testing 
  • Steaming Cylinder

  • Tensile tester – Triaxial

  • Inclined Impact tester

  • Martindale

  • Bean bag snag tester

  • Laundrometer

  • Zip tester

  • Tensile strength tester

  • Pilling tester

  • Water Repellency tester

  • Dynamic Fatigue tester

  • Flock tester

  • Glove resistance to cut tester

  • Paint coating resistance to mechanical washing brushes tester

 Instruments for technical   textiles/filtration/non-woven testing 
  • Air Permeability tester

  • Hydrostatic head tester

  • Digital Tearing tester : Elmendorf

  • Martindale Abrasion tester

  • Tensile strength tester

  • Spinneret inspection system for Fiber, POY, Non wovens

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